Traveling Japan by Extremely Comfortable Bus | Niigata to Tokyo

I took an extremely comfortable bus from Niigata to Tokyo Japan. The bus has only 18 seats on board. The seats are spacious. I feel this bus could be one of the best options for traveling Japan.

The bus is called Reborn, operating by Willer Express.
Willer Express offers more than 120 routes throughout Japan. You’ll find the same bus on the route like Tokyo and Osaka.

The price was 3,500 JPY (32 USD), but the price is really depending on the season.

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37 Replies to “Traveling Japan by Extremely Comfortable Bus | Niigata to Tokyo”

  1. ElwingWitch79

    love your videos,I'll surely take a ferry the next time,just an advice for those who want to travel by bus,when you arrive at the rest area be sure to check where exactly is your bus,especially with night buses,in a minute the parking lot can be full of buses looking identical…I know from experience😂

  2. Ashmew

    I would care about the fact if I could eat and use the bathroom on the bus or not. Unfortunately this bus does not have either, but it's still great.

  3. Elaine Higham

    Very nice but I’d need a toilet, my bladder doesn’t wait for rest stops any more…if the made the bus double decker the could fit a toilet on it..

  4. Commander5AM

    For me, the price has to reflect what I get. If I'm paying £55 a seat but the coach is very uncomfortable and it is not direct, then it doesn't feel like I'm getting what I pay for. I tend to pay about £25 for a coach to Plymouth and it is very uncomfortable, the journey is 6 hours, but it is the most direct and it comes with a toilet, plus partway through you can get food and bring it onto the coach with you.

  5. Sean McDonald

    As a 55 year old man . . . . . . its gotta be access to a toilet 😁😁😁
    Oh how i miss my thirties and the huge bladder i once had 😄😄😄

  6. oldtwins na

    There's videos missing. My guess is some competitor is sending in take down requests for bogus reasons. These are the best videos out there without all the "Look at me, I'm amazing" drama.

  7. Frederico Purini Nardi

    oh boy, if you think that is fancy, you gotta check "levare", which is a company we have here in Brazil. It way cooler than that and we even have serive on board.

  8. Hani Minhas

    These capsules are giving me anxiety. I take the bus to enjoy views from big windows all around. A big no for me.

  9. Steffen Schmidt

    Hey there. You have an interesting channel 🙂 Thanks for all those videos 🙂 I noticed you're publishing for less than 2 months now, but already have almost 2.5 million views and 50k subscribers. that is impressive! is there any secret to it? are you doing any advertising or is it just organic growth? :O
    Some people take a year to get to those numbers. it is seriously impressive!

  10. G P

    It’s crazy seeing “gas station/rest stop” sushi that people ACTUALLY eat without dying 😂😂
    If you’re ever in the US NEVER eat rest stop sushi 🍣

  11. C C

    Seat belts are NOT supposed to be used in positions like that and holy hell does it look like a pain to get on and off, something probably only made worse due to minimal storage (forcing people to stash their stuff wherever) and these huge side panels will only help aggravate the existing issue of lack of social activity in Japan. 18 people, no restroom and only 15 minute stops is also a recipe for disaster.

    Even structurally speaking does this thing looks like a huge design oversight as you could have easily gotten like 30% more room by integrating the inner-most seats into the bus walls.

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