Osaka Japan Travel Vlog(Eng sub) -What locals recommend in Nanba- glico, shopping street, huge signs

Hi, I’m Nami🌼 We are a Japanese couple living in Japan🇯🇵 We have moved from Taipei, Taiwan a while ago. Check out my Taiwan vlogs if you’re interested!
My husband and I are back in Osaka! This is our first vlog taken in Japan. I hope you enjoy the video😊
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16 Replies to “Osaka Japan Travel Vlog(Eng sub) -What locals recommend in Nanba- glico, shopping street, huge signs”

  1. Travel with Nami

    I hope you enjoyed my first Japan vlog!
    Comment if you’ve ever been to Osaka or if you want to go in the future🎶😆 If you have any questions about Osaka or Japan, also leave a comment below! I will answer it as best as I can👍🏼

  2. Travel with Nami

    ⚠️This video was taken when the number of people infected by COVID-19 was decreasing and the alert level was lowered in Osaka! I want you all to know that we have never and will never go out during a lockdown in any country!


  3. D Junior

    It's so interesting to see the similarity between Japanese and Taiwanese architecture; you can clearly tell Taiwan was a colony!

  4. Andreas Sommer

    Hehe, that creepy doll dude was funny… 🤡😁 Can't wait you introduce us to the awesome Osaka food! I still really, really want to visit. Do we need to worry about you guys, considering the Covid situation in Japan? It seems worse than in Taiwan now… Hope you and your husband are safe and well!

  5. Jimmy Chu

    It seems Japanese people have known how to live with COVID. Happy to see the crowd back to streets and hope to visit Osaka again soon. You guys stay safe😊 祝平安喜樂😊

  6. Jack Liang

    To my surprise, Osaka is still prospering under Alpha and Delta variant viruses. Although there are fewer foreign tourists, I did not expect that there will be so many people in the streets and shops of Osaka. However, everyone is self-disciplined to wear masks to reduce the spread of the virus.

    Japan’s current vaccination rate is still lower than that of European and American countries, but the number of daily diagnoses in Japan is not as serious as in Europe and the United States. Restaurants in Osaka have also been opened for internal use. Obviously, Japan is ready for the Olympic Games starting on July 23.

    I look forward to all the best during Japan’s hosting of the Olympic Games.

    In addition, I am very grateful to Japan for donating the third batch of vaccines to Taiwan today.

  7. Harvey Yeh

    I was an exchange student in Osaka University(阪大) for 1 semester. For me, Osaka is my second home. Everything in your video is so familiar to me, and I had a great memories there. Miss Japan already ;/

  8. Mana

    Teruyuki Kagawa has been replaced by Shuzo Matsuoka on billboard, but the glico running man is always there. Nice to see Osaka street views through Nami.

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