McDonalds in Japan: SHRIMP BURGER!?

I tried the Mcdonald’s Menu items in Japan.

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48 Replies to “McDonalds in Japan: SHRIMP BURGER!?”

  1. Neal Tauss

    ….MREs and Government Cheese…. put ANY of that food in the trunk of your car for six months and…. when you come back…. it'll look just like it does now….

  2. GaramondGourmond

    I actually would like a shrimp burger to have mashed shrimp paste.
    HA! Finally Mikey eats TOO MUCH. lol But it was Mcd's so not really a suprise.

  3. Andres Hurtado

    I limit myself to having one treat meal a week. But I get to eat with my eyes everyday just watching MC!!! 😂😂😂🥴🥴

  4. Raymond Holley

    Mikey it's a shame to waste all that food because I know damn well you're not eating all that food I know you're not giving it away after you bit off everything I know it's for the show but it's still a shame and a big waste of food when people right there in your area hungry

  5. Raymond Holley

    Mikey is it actual bacon or is it thin cut fried pork belly. Because bacon has been marinated and smoked so which is it just fried pork belly or is it actual bacon

  6. starlitstacey

    I love how he says he almost never eats McDonald's, but in every country he visits, he has to go to McDonald's. Lol Or maybe he just doesn't go to American McDonald's.

  7. Joe Polchlopek

    The "e" in ebi is pronounced like the "e" in egg. ebi is shrimp in Japanese. Also, the club burger refers to a "club sandwich". Google is your friend.

  8. HotwheelsGamer 458

    8 items for 20 bucks in Japan THATS hella cheap. When lever I go to mcds I get Big Mac and two large fries with a drink and that costed me 14 bucks.

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