Mind-Blowing Japanese Product Packaging Designs You Didn't Know Existed

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Japanese Product Designs that are mind-blowing and cleverly designed to make life easier for consumers. Some of these Japan product designs, I didn’t know about until Maiko told me about and other japanese product package designs I already knew about. Nonetheless all of the Japanese product designs are pretty amazing so I wanted to share it all with you. Let me know in the comments which was your favorite Japanese product package design and what you thought is the most useful Japan product package.

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Japan Packaging

0:00 – Intro
0:54 – Vacuum Sealed Bottles
2:47 – The Hidden, but maybe not so hidden CupNoodles sticker
4:04 – The 2 in 1 Sauce Packet
5:21 – The Built-in Tray
6:12 – Microwave Ready Packages
8:16 – Double Notched Bag
9:31 – The Pudding Notch
10:31 – The Refill Bags that got me Hooked
11:43 – The Frozen Singles

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48 Replies to “Mind-Blowing Japanese Product Packaging Designs You Didn't Know Existed”

  1. shinpeiro

    All of the meticulous details Japanese companies put into their products is usually very ingenious and helpful to their consumers. I remember I was using a protractor cutter for a design class and my blade got dull and thought to myself I had to buy some more. Then I looked at this little corner compartment and opened it and low and behold a stack of blades fell out!
    Looking good Paolo! I hope I can come back to Japan after the pandemic dies down and bring my new little family with me.

  2. Frans Francois

    This phenomenon keeps back at me. FYI, thousand people in the USA remember that the brand should be Cup O' Noodles instead of Cup Noodles. This phenomenon is known as the Mandela Effects, where lots of people remembering that some brands are different from what they used to be. And when they search about it, they are amazed that actually those brands never change their name. So why do they have different memories? And some of them actually found some residues, or proofs that at one time there is a 70's TV commercial that advertises Cup O' Noodles. Those Mandela Effect believers theorized that someone is changing the past, but some people still remember the old memories.
    My Mandela Effect experience is the death of Nelson Mandela itself, which was the first phenomenon recognized by the world. In 1991 my father was watching the news about Nelson Mandela's death, and I asked who died and later I asked who is Nelson Mandela. I was still in elementary school back then. If Nelson Mandela died in early 2000, I would have known who Nelson Mandela is because I was already in college. Let me tell you something funny, as I typing this comment while looking for some facts about Mandela Effect and I dropped my jaw when I found out that Nelson Mandela died in 2013. WHAT! It means he died when I'm 35 years old. WTF! History has changed again. If you want proof, open Google Trends and search "Mandela Effect". You'll notice that one person searched the "Mandela Effect" keyword in 2004, and another one in 2005, and another one in 2006. Even the Mandela Effect term was first used in 2009. So how on earth someone searched for Mandela Effect in 2004 or an internet user who commented (in 2009) that she remembers if Mandela died back in 1991 if the fact that Nelson Mandela died in 2013? Do you get my point? Google's data is the residue. Google's data is the proof.

  3. TheDolphace

    The pudding notch is common in a lotta countries. Or a little tab covering a hole.
    How else do you get your pudding/creme caramel out?!

  4. Jacques Welheix

    The biggest eye opener for me when i was in Japan was to see how many young japanese people have such horrible diets and nutrition

  5. sinead smyth

    In Ireland we have the same technology with the pudding. Instead of plastic notch we have a metal strip that you pull off the bottom. We also have some easy to use refill bags for hand wash etc. We have the ready to use bags of vegetables that steam releases from in the microwave. As for the pot/cup noodle we all just put our fork on top to hold the lid down like you do. It means less packaging. I would be concerned about the amount of packaging there is in Japan, but I love the country ❤️

  6. Nik

    the pudding notch has been in Australia for at least 25 years, I remember saucing my supermarket brand creme caramel that way

  7. Marcel Melchers

    Hi Paolo, I've seen a lot of your video's and the "check out my merch/discord/Instagram" part sounds more and more like a chore that you want to get rid of. That's not necessary and not nice to new viewers. Please give yourself more time and don't feel like it's a burden for us to watch through. Big love from the Netherlands! Marcel.

  8. mucber2000

    Plastic , Plastic , Plastic it´s horrible . Seems to me like Japan don´t doing much for the environmental Protection.

  9. Si Yuki Ito

    God, I took home that Kikkoman Sauce and I was astounded that it has airpockets at the sides. Also for the ketchup and mustard packets. Japan technology is the best ❤

  10. Ziphta_the_overcomer 18

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  11. Elia Arce

    what about emergency food, it’s the most awesome thing that I have ever seen, you don’t need fire to heat it, just a chemical reaction and you have freshly cooked food wherever you go.

  12. Sagittarius A*

    Thumbs up after just three minutes because you are funny!

    But Japanese packaging is still a plastic waste nightmare ….

  13. iMACHIN ation

    New concept, innovative for the daily life? Useful video, thx for your enthusiasm and love for ur girlfriend 😘
    I noticed all is packed into plastic and this is not new in Japan 😱

  14. Tree Quux

    We have those bags of food that you can microwave as is, in the states. The problem is, all the food in them tastes like crap, because it needs to be shelf stable for so long.

  15. K Yu

    Everyone here: the pudding package is so cool!
    Me: too lazy to even pull the tab and pour it onto a different plate. eats straight out of cup

  16. Faith Elizabeth
  17. Kkumyeoja

    I live in Japan for my whole life but I also think Japan uses a lot of plastic. Haha
    I think because Japanese are very sensitive in every way that they think it’s not sanitary enough if they don’t wrap it with plastic bags.

  18. Derek Truong

    I’m surprised you didn’t include onigiri packaging. I think that’s the most mind blowing thing I found in Japan.

    Thumbs up if you know what I mean.

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