Hydrangea Day Trip : Travel in Japan : Nagano Ueda Shioda Plain 【4K Walking Around】

Hydrangea Season Shinshu Ueda Shioda Plain Walking around Zensanji Temple
(Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture) 【4K Walking Around】 

Shinshu Ueda I took a walk in Shiodadaira during the hydrangea season
It was before it bloomed in earnest, so it was a little unsatisfactory, but it was beautiful.
Route from Zensanji Temple, which is famous for its three-storied pagoda, to the ruins of Shioda Castle
It’s close to Bessho Onsen, so it’s recommended to stretch your legs a little and come here.

Click here for the map link of Zensanji Temple in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture →

00:00 Zensanji Temple and Hydrangea 前山寺と紫陽花
03:59 Hydrangea path あじさい小道
09:03 Shioda Castle Ruins 塩田城跡
27:38 KAITA EPITAPH Afterglow Hall 残照館
33:12 Fujimoto Shioda Store | Ueda Tsumugi / Traditional Crafts 藤本塩田店|上田紬・伝統工芸品
34:18 Sannoyama Park 山王山公園
36:34 Garden Kitchen June Berry ガーデンキッチン ジューンベリー
42:44 Silent Hall 無言館

Japanese title
紫陽花の季節 信州上田 塩田平 前山寺周辺を歩く(長野県上田市)【4K Walking Around】 

信州上田 紫陽花の季節に塩田平を散歩してきました
三重塔で有名な前山寺から塩田城跡 無言館のルート

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