UPDATE! Tourism set to return to Japan! JAPAN TRAVEL NEWS

Tourism is set to return to Japan! This video goes over some important information that gives us quite big clues as to when this might actually happen!

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31 Replies to “UPDATE! Tourism set to return to Japan! JAPAN TRAVEL NEWS”

  1. Kyle Boyer

    I'm curious to know how that will affect those who are getting a Humanities visa. They've pretty much left us in limbo.

  2. taflukta

    The link to the White paper is here: https://www.mlit.go.jp/common/001408385.pdf
    But it's a whole lot of nothing. Nothing new, at any rate.
    I work in the Japan travel industry and have done for the past 11 years. This kind of dithering is nothing new, here..

    I'm PR living in Tokyo. I can't wait to get OUT of Japan! Any chance of some videos on when we can hope to EXIT Japan without any hassle?

  3. Stephane Lambert

    Arigato gozaimasu for keeping us updated. My last trip to Japan (Yokohama) was december 2019. Missing my Japanese friends so much. Subscribe button done.

  4. hilldelein

    Half the time of your videos is advertising pleas subscribe do this do that, it’s annoying to here the same phrases all the time man don’t be thirsty

  5. TA VL

    I mean, March 2022 is closer than what other people think, just like how this year has gone by so quickly! 😀 Cant wait!

  6. Krystal Koch

    Great update!!! I’ve been thinking about the phrasing of the White Paper and to me, re-opening and encouraging visitors are two different things.

    It could very well be that Japan re-opens for travel but doesn’t invest in any advertisement campaigns until the end of the fiscal year (March 2022).

    It seems to me that the government is giving themselves the flexibility to “wait and see” how things progress through the Summer and Fall before issuing any firm dates. Regardless, I’m happy to hear that conversations about re-opening are being held!

  7. Cristina Stanciu

    Hello! Even though I’ve never commented on your videos prior to this, I really do wish to let you know of my sincere appreciation. You are awesome, thank you! I’ve tried to find you on Instagram as well, but with no result. Care to share your Ig ID? Thank you

  8. Rachit Mathur

    Excited to know that there's still some hope of traveling to Japan in Fall 2021. Could please provide an update on Akhihabara? I heard lots of anime/game centres and tourist attractions closed down there

  9. Kuwi Kool

    Trips in small groups means only guided tours or what? So still no possibility to visit family in summer 2022? That would be ridiculous

  10. B Tread

    That is encouraging news. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. Perhaps my trip can still occur in May 2022. Small groups? I wonder is one person small enough? LOL

  11. Chatcha

    If they're gonna let tourists in, foreign students should also be able to enter. Hope I can study in Japan in March 2022

  12. Traveling is FREEDOM

    This seems to be a very charming city, I hope I can visit sometime in the future when all this is over. Seeing and sharing places like this is why I love traveling and make videos so much!

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