Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?

After we made a video about how to survive your first hour in Japan the next thing all of you wanted to know was how to get food. So in this video, we’ll teach you about how you can still order food even if you speak no Japanese.

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41 Replies to “Can You Feed Yourself in Japan With No Japanese?”

  1. mihiec

    I love that there is no tip culture in Japan. Restaurants just pay enough their stuff.
    I don't understand why I should pay more for service in Europe or America. Its like you buy your TV or a car and then you have to give 10% more just because worker spoke to you.

  2. Jeffccan

    I lived in Japan for a year, the best advice I can give is, your a visitor in their country. You are the one who needs to tread lightly.

  3. mallon201

    I have visited Japan twice over past few years, main difficulty I encountered was trying to order vegetarian food, making sure the sauce was vegetarian and the rice didn't come as a special rice with a liberal sprinkling of tiny pieces of ham through it. I think some staff have a difficulty understanding that a vegetarian meal means no animal products at all. Otherwise I always was able to eat each day with little or no Japanese language skills. I was always able to find someone willing to help, even though nearly all said they could only speak '"a little" english. It's all part of the experience/challenge of visiting a foreign country, an experience I'd recommend to anyone, don't let your lack of Japanese language deter you from visiting.

  4. P.R.

    Good tip with the "kore onegaishisamu" when pointing to a menu, I would use that all the time, or if the menu wasnt infront of me and I knew the name of the dish I would say for example "chicken katsu onegaishisamu". Once I remember trying to ask for the bill but they brought me a beer instead, still worked out, who could say no to a beer. I miss Japan!

  5. Sethabutra Viraseranee

    This video remind me of the first time I visit Japan as a child with my mom. Everything was so new to me and I enjoy every minutes in Japan. I just love Japan so much.

  6. E. Jiang

    Can a Japanese feed him/herself in the US or the UK or any other very few English-native speaking countries with no English? Is it fair or reasonable for him/herself to expect people in those countries to know at least some basic Japanese? Non-sense hypocritical egocentric English-speaking Westerners. It's true people may learn English at school, but is every American/British/Australian good at or even care about, math?

  7. Gleeful Violin

    I can't believe I haven't watched this video yet, and it's uploaded 3 years ago. I thought I've watched almost all videos from LWIF 😆

    I was laughing at your brother, until I remembered I would be more or less like him, since I can't read Kanji 🤣
    But inserting the money on the light indicator really cracked me up, he's a real entertainer 🤭

    Thank you so much for your (and your brother's family) hard work on this video 😁

  8. Bat Guano

    11:35 "And tonkotsu ramen, how would you like it?"
    When the staff goes full Japanese on you, as this gentleman did, and you don't have a more Japanese fluent friend to help you, the Japanese word for "recommend" is Susumeru (勧める encourage, advise, offer).
    A helpful phrase: "What do you recommend?" ( 何がお勧めですか?) "Nani ga o susumedesu ka?" Can really go far.

  9. kaisermuto

    Teach her how to eat soba noodles. No foreigner could eat soba-buckwheat noodles correctly in first time. First of all take a sauce cup.

  10. Ginger Marie

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  11. halolosers

    Yes. Yes you can. Most places have pictures so pointing is very easy. If not just wing it and pick something. I was not disappointed once with food. I had to just pick something once and turned out to be good.

  12. Ronica

    The food malls are fantastic. BUT…most places you cannot eat there. So we had to find a place outside where there were no people to eat our food on the sidewalk. We felt like we were doing drugs

  13. ViewJP

    when i first came to japan back in 2017, i asked for number 2 combo but they didn't know what combo was LOL. so I had to explain like you get a burger and fries and drink lool. End up getting a burger only lmao.

  14. Joyce Fleming

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  15. mary mary36

    しゃぶしゃぶ食べ放題食べたい。デパ地下プディング 食べたい。回転寿司食べたい。天ぷらうどん食べたい。韓国でうどん食べて血を嘔吐したから韓国中国は怖い。殺される。

  16. Auron710

    The answer is "no". There are piles of dead foreigners who arrived in Japan unable to speak a word of Japanese and just eventually starve to death, failing to get back to the airport and leave due to physical exhaustion and malnutrition. Be warned!… Of course you can get food without speaking any Japanese! lol what a question.

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