Japan Travel Timeline after the Tokyo Summer Games

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21 Replies to “Japan Travel Timeline after the Tokyo Summer Games”

  1. Alan Knuth

    For initial the beginning days of tourist entry into Japan, you will need a sponsor: small group tours, embassy/sister city type things. You will need a registered/licensed corporation/embassy/person that will guarantee your itinerary and take full responsibility for the actions of every individual in their group. As for unrestricted tourism, possibly spring-summer 2022 for countries with very low case counts and wealthy populations who spend a lot of money. As for countries that are lagging behind, restrictions could likely last into 2023.

  2. Lior Her

    i have a ticket for september to tokyo
    im from israel(most vaccinated country)
    is there a chance ill be able to go?

  3. alamri20

    only the Jewish half in Israel that is vaccinated not the Christian and Muslim half. Remember Israel is an apartheid state…so disgusting.

  4. Sandra Maloney

    You do a great job dissiminating information. I love your channel so interesting. P.S. A million subscribers to this channel is going to happen without a doubt….the content is too good not to… and congratulations on your new baby boy

  5. Original M

    John, if you have a choice, go with the Pfizer Vaccine. J&J is too weak. Moderna is a strong second if you can't get Pfizer.

  6. Original M

    He might have covered this, I don't know, I'm writing this comment as I am watching. Japan is pushing other governments to form agreements to allow Japanese business travelers and tourists to enter other countries. The terms will vary by country. Most countries will want some type of reciprocal agreement. Meaning, if we let your people in then you must let our people into your country. Here's what this really means: The question will not only be "When will Japan allow tourists back in?" It will also be "Will Japan allow people from my country in?" And what are the terms? (visas, time allowed, restrictions, quarantine period, etc.)

    Also, I am hearing that Japanese government officials are tough negotiators. They are trying to form some pretty one-sided agreements. Agreements like "You must allow Japanese nationals into your country for business purposes without a vaccine passport." However, Japan is being pretty picky with their terms in return. Japan will want a "vaccine passport" AND they want to know what type of vaccine you got. Meaning, if you have a lower tier/lower regarded vaccination type (say a vaccine from China like Sinovac, which is being distributed all over the world, or the vaccine in India) then Japan will not recognize your vaccination OR they may hold additional restrictions against you. Negotiations are still happening. Nothing is concrete yet for the terms to re-enter Japan, not even for Americans or Europeans.

  7. Henry Chew

    Thanks for the travel updates!

    When Japan opens to foreign visitors, do you think there will be some period of quarantine for vaccinated travelers or will they be free to travel about the country upon entry?

  8. Clayton Greene

    Thank you so much for these updates, I bought a ticket to Japan last year for late October and your videos give me hope I might actually be able to go.

  9. b1uemchen

    Got my first shot. Unfortunately they have incresed the lenght between shot one and two to 7 weeks here in sweden due to lack of vaccine. And then there is another 2 weeks until shot 2 is fully active.
    Next Japan trip is booked feb 2022!

  10. Aura Arzadon

    My country Philippines we have a vaccination ID where our personal details and even our vaccine details was included there. So I have my 1st dose and still we have the worries for the side effects and for the last dose we should be vigilant.

  11. Eric Ng

    You take issue with the different tiers of measures for athletes from different countries, which is a fair point. Yet you also conveniently overlook the fact that vaccine passports discriminate against those who choose not to get the vaccine.

  12. Illuminate Gaming

    While I am not trying to make too much politically charged, the situation in Texas is primarily people who worked the front lines during covid and either have had it and recovered or a few hold-outs from the Vax. So the majority of those who were fired or quit were doctors and nurses who have the antibodies but don't want the vax. The hospital in this case is literally saying thanks for helping during the worst pandemic in 100 years here is your pink slip cause we refuse to follow the science that shows the antibodies in recovered people are staying around and the body can produce them without the need for mRNA to tell them how. Anyway thanks for all the updates, hopefully, there can be a meet-up soon.

  13. CamoVecmin

    24:53 Hey John good luck with your first vaccination. I'm getting mine next month. I'm so excited and I'm so sick and tired of this lockdown and not able to get back to normal life or travel.

  14. Charu

    Fully vaccinated here. I’m fortunate that moderna (the one i took) isn’t being affected by the supply chain of Pfizer (Alberta). Yes, when I come to Japan for the first time, i’ll try to find you in your livestreams 🙂

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