Japan Travel & Entry Ban – Japan prioritizes athletes & artists over students, workers & families

Over one year has passed nevertheless, international students, workers, and families can not enter Japan because of the travel and entry ban. This is very difficult to accept since the Japanese government is letting over 80,000 Olympic athletes, trainers, and media in, together with Artists, like DJs and musicians.

About 20,000 students, one-fourth of the number of athletes and artists allowed, have been waiting for over one year to hear a single word from the government about when they can enter Japan. If it’s safe for 80,000 athletes, reporters, trainers, and artists to enter Japan, it is not acceptable that they stop students and workers to enter because “it’s not safe”.

Please help me to spread this message of injustice, loss of human rights, and loss of reciprocity (Japanese can go studying and work abroad but they don’t accept foreigners).

Over one year has passed since Japan has banned entry to new visa holders and has stopped issuing new VISA for COE holders. I can’t raise awareness alone, please help me raise awareness by liking and sharing this video and the content in


💡 My article on the current situation of International Students. 💡

We have collected over 800 stories, and we translated them into Japanese. We have already handed to the Japanese government the first 500 stories we received and now we are working on a new website that will help to spread awareness about the situation of international students.

You can share your story here!

If you would like us to share the details of initiatives you are working on to raise awareness, please contact me at [email protected]

Let me know in the comments if you are aware of any significant initiative and campaign that you think I should share in the next video. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about the content to post.

I wanted to help and raise this issue, I can not do this alone so I met with some of the language school associations to discuss what we can do to lobby the government on behalf of all international students.

The response from the school representatives was that the government highly weighs the impact to those students who are most directly affected and so we created a form to help capture that information to be able to share with the government more easily. Some responses captured so far are in this article.

I know many people reading this have already been pushing for answers from the government but we would like to ask that as many of you as possible share your story and pass this on to friends too, in order to be able to supply the school representatives with as much helpful material as we can.

We ask if you are willing to share your story that you please fill the form here as soon as you can, so we can use the information to push for students to be able to enter Japan for the April term as soon as possible.

The form can be filled in your native language, English or Japanese. If you are an international student waiting to go to Japan, even if you didn’t use my company to apply for a school, you can enter here:

If you are not an international student, but you know someone who is please let them know about this initiative. If you want to support other international students, please share and like this article since the more people and awareness we get, the more powerful messages we can deliver to the Japanese government.

I hope I will see all of you in Japan soon.

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30 Replies to “Japan Travel & Entry Ban – Japan prioritizes athletes & artists over students, workers & families”

  1. Asm Sakhawat

    I am a MEXT 2020 PhD candidate from Bangaldesh waiting for entry since OCT, 2020. Dear MEXT, its our humble request please allow us to enter Japan as soon as possible.

  2. !øœ


  3. Saida Taharima

    thank you so much for bringing this topic up. It is very frustrating. I am a second-year PhD student at a Japanese university. I had to come back to my country to take care of my father. He was critically ill. Now I cannot go back to Japan. I called the immigration office several times, asked my department no results. I am really hoping that japan will open the borders soon enough at least for the currently enrolled students.

  4. Saida Taharima

    I am a Ph.D. student at a Japanese university. My nationality is Bangladeshi. Recently I had to come back to my country because of my father's illness. He had to go through brain surgery now due to the restrictions of Japan, I can't go back now. My studies, scholarship are in danger. Is there any way that I can enter Japan? any help or advice will be really appreciated. Every day I feel so frustrated because of these. I can't sleep or eat properly even. If I lose the scholarship I can't finish my studies please give me some advice.

  5. 夢を愛

    Sir this one of the best news channels which speak up about real issues and makes people/government notice
    I hope you tag them on Twitter regarding international students situation and it should help us
    if a prominent channel like this takes the issue pressure will be increased and will be looked after
    the channel has almost 3 million subscribers and they really care to solve real issues
    (I'm also an international language student who has applied to japan for oct_2021)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLs1GwMK2Pk 👈 -> they speak point to point

    Just a thought passed by in my mind while watching their news
    Thank you!

  6. Alexa Ria

    Even if they act like this. I can't help but wait until they open for tourism… it's the only country that actually touched my soul. It's organized. Innovative. Big. Different. It has a charm that other countries don't have. It's so much better than Belgium. I have to get out of here .😢 I do hope that the workers and students can enter first though. They deserve it.

  7. Rosita Martin

    That is what Priority means, since there will be an Olympic and it is a big deal for Japan ,they have no choice but to focus on the people needed for the event. Japan cannot cancel easily the Olympic because of their word of HONOR and the responsibilty which is so significant for them, although fear about the virus infection is so HUGE

  8. jass grewal vlogs

    I thing japan will open the borders such as last year in September or may be October for students ,if this would not happen then i thought i made a big mistake for taking a decision about japan

  9. Charles Tran

    Been waiting for 15 months to start my new job in Japan, but DJs are important than workers and students. What a joke!

  10. melelconquistador

    Its what I was saying in March. They were going to prioritize the olympics over students, workers and language schools.

  11. nikovauli

    Fall 2021 is my last chance to go to study in Japan. I sort of understand the case for athletes but come on, DJs???? And they let us students hanging???

  12. M cal

    This not about the Covid anymore. Or This is not about the Olympics. Because this situation can not be explained with logic or without a proper information.
    I started to keep thinking that there must be a powerful reason to do this. But whenever I thought something, another idea of mine disproved the thesis of mine.

    Are they afraid of terrorist attacks during the olympics? Maybe they had a news about a plan and they do not let anybody to enter.
    But already from last year many people enter Japan. If they plan something evil, they must be planning for a long time.

    I had millions of ideas in my mind but I hope they can tell us in the future why they did this. Otherwise I will never never never ever support or forgive this government in the future. Or the people who said YES to this nonsense situation.

    I wish we could sue them.
    I can find a new job in my country, but there is only 1 JAPAN to learn Japanese.
    I can meet with many friends of mine in Turkey. But I meet and visit my boyfriend only in JAPAN.
    I can plan my future they will open the borders one day anyways. But I can be 25 years old only one time, when you lost your days, there is NO GO BACK.

  13. Helena Sanmamed

    International students have been waiting for over a year and we have not receive ANY news from the government regarding our entry since months ago. Instead everyday I wake up with more insane news than before: athletes, family of the athletes, media, djs…all able to enter Japan while students and workers STILL WAITING. This situation is getting so difficult so handle, I am losing all my motivation and the fact that some of us need to wake up everyday in the middle of the night to follow classes we should be taking in Japan is just really exhausting. I don’t know when will be the point where we will have some kind of information but right now I just feel hopeless…

  14. Iku Tree

    Japan is making a fool out of us at this point. I definitely feel like a fool for waiting for long for a country that doesn't want me there.
    If this was a relationship and the other person was treating me like this, I would breakup with them! Sadly after waiting for so long, I'm having a hard time 'breaking up' with Japan XD haha

  15. Camila Castro

    We are in pain but what goes around comes around. Japan is digging their own grave. The truth about what they think about foreign people in Japan and that the famous omotenashi is only for themselves is becoming clearer each day. If they think they can survive without tourists and international workers and students they have another guess coming. They should be prepared for the worst crisis ever.

  16. kaa sii

    This is absurd…
    I'm sick of even thinking about what japan has been doing, that's way over the limit of Patience..
    But how can the international media and powerful countries are still silent about this..

  17. bappa biswas

    I don't know student are main problem in Japan ? I think student are allow Japan in time I still weating 18 manth & COE expired 31 st july

  18. Clay1404

    This is just pure selfish decision from the government, why they prioritize DJ for single event to enter over students and workers who going to live in the country for a long time? smh

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