Japan Hotel Quarantine Food & Bento Review | COVID-19 Quarantine in Tokyo | JET Programme

Are you curious to see what kind of food Japanese hotels provide for those undergoing their 14-days quarantine? This is my review of the food we received during my 14-days quarantine upon entering Japan as part of the JET Programme. Note that vegetarian options are available upon request!

I thought food we received was pretty tasty given what I’ve seen other countries serve up for hotel quarantine. The bento boxes were for the most party tasty and sufficiently filling for a normal person’s appetite. There is also a good variety with a different meal for every day of the week, however there are a lot of fried food so not particularly good if you want to eat healthy. Unfortunately the food will usually arrive only slightly warm, if not cold, so I suggest you make good use out of the microwave at the hotel’s convenience store! You can also buy snacks and some hot food from there to supplement your meals if the serving sizes are a little small for you. Overall, as far as free food goes, I really can’t complain!

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20 Replies to “Japan Hotel Quarantine Food & Bento Review | COVID-19 Quarantine in Tokyo | JET Programme”

  1. guangjie bian

    After seeing some videos of quarentune, I think Chinese food is best among others,like Japanese and South Korea.

  2. chickenzlokal

    Hey mate, loved the video. I'm coming over in this second half of 2021, what were movement restrictions like in that hotel? Looks like you could go to the konbini and went outside for the Christmas lights? I'm trying to mentally prepare for my 14 week quarantine haha

  3. NecoByteZ

    Hey bro, what visa did you applied for? Instructor visa? Did you got your visa before they declared the new measure?

  4. Roots & Wings Boutique

    Shrimpburgers are very popular in the US, specifically on the coast of North Carolina. It's chopped up shrimp formed into a patty, though.

  5. Adam Koueider

    Did you get an option for what you were served?

    For example, were their vegetarian options?

    Keep up the vlogs!

  6. Tamiris FR

    This is educational! I've been trying to find for a video that really teaches everything in this YouTube video. 🥼 🧑‍⚕️ The part at 1:16 is my fav. Your vid actually reminds me of the content from Doctor Ethan. Doctor's tips are totally insightful and I really learned a lot for my wellness. He is the helpful health enthusiast on YouTube and he explains diseases.

    I recommend you check out his YouTube out and give Doctor Ethan a like! 👉 #DrEthanOnline

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