When Can I Travel to Japan? Will Japan lift the border soon? Japan travel ban updates May 31 2021

When Can I Travel to Japan?
Will Japan lift the border soon?
Can I travel to Japan now?

Japan travel ban updates May 31 2021

For more information, watch those video bellow.

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People who are looking for coming into Japan besides the travel purpose, please visit this site.


36 Replies to “When Can I Travel to Japan? Will Japan lift the border soon? Japan travel ban updates May 31 2021”

  1. Ricky Mae Lucio

    This update is so helpful, thank you. I hope that Japan reopens before October since me and my boyfriend got tickets to go to the Grand Prix in Suzuka 🤞🏼

  2. Alexa Ria

    Thank you! This is a great initiative. I want to go back so badly every since 2018. Better luck in summer 2022 hopefully

  3. Camila Castro

    Do you really think they will let students in by late July? My COE can only be extended until August 25th so it will expire after that. School is asking me to apply again for October on June 29th but that means it would only be ready late September so I would only arrive probably early November, go through quarantine and be at school late November or early December so I don't think it's worth it. Do you advise me to keep this COE and wait or give up on it and apply again on June 29th? I am a bit confused. Thank you in advance.

  4. Vindya Bartholameusz

    This was very utilitarian information! Quick question! Can married couples unite i.e will Japan grant entry for foreign nationals to reunite with the husband (foreign national) living in Japan with COE?

  5. Bayu Wirabumi

    Hello, i am from Indonesia. A student who supposed to come to Japan in September 2021. Thank you for your update! It realy nice and clear to understand it. I hope the border will re-open soon. I know so many people out there are waiting for it. So let's keep praying for the best!

  6. Camila Castro

    I would like to be that optimistic but I have given up hope. I don't even wanted to think about it anymore because I can't stand the frustration.

  7. Chris Joel

    Thanks for the information!! I have been waiting to enter Japan for work and to reunite with friends since March 2020!!!!! I really hope Japan can reopen before summer ends!!

  8. Duke of Judea

    Japan should at least open itself to countries that have high vaccination rates. like my country for example israel which is the highest fully double dosed vaccinated rated country.

  9. Martin Lemaire

    Thank you for these updates. I hope you will continue to provide these! Looking forward to visiting when it is possible!

  10. Kharyl Diadula

    What if as a titp/worker visa go there in the month of August? Are we still allowed to enter Japan??? ありがとうございます。。

  11. Original M

    I appreciate you making a prediction. Many people do not want to make public predictions out of fear of being wrong/inaccurate. However, I believe we will be lucky if Japan allows tourists in 2022 at all from what I am hearing. The Olympics are not a factor or an indicator as spectators will not be allowed. The Japanese vaccination rollout is the slowest in the world for a developed nation. Unfortunately, we will just have to wait.

  12. wisatapreneur

    Wow this is pretty optimist. Some of japanese i know very doubtful japan will reopen even in 2022. Do japanese people want international tourist to comeback? I heard they dont really like that idea

  13. Deep Angel

    Hello sir.i m from nepal.i m still waiting to come japan 2020 april in student visa..its to much hard to stay home thinking about future…i already in depression.i hope japan will open border soon for student

  14. Samuel Cruz

    Thanks for keeping us updated with the latest information! I subscribed to your channel, hoping to visit Japan in September. 🙏

  15. Kuwi Kool

    I hope Japan will someday reopen for everyone. Not just regional travel bubbles. I don’t want to fear travelers from Europe will never be allowed to visit Japan again.

  16. Alkarion

    I don’t think this will be the case cause I read that the earliest they would open their borders would be after the olympics are over

  17. Crypto Yor

    now I don't need to read every day about the situation in Japan, already subscribed to your updates, ありがとうございました!

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