Cheap Japanese Snacks

Daiso is a chain of stores selling items priced at ¥100 and sometimes less. Most of the snacks here were ¥25 each which makes them some of the cheapest snacks.

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24 Replies to “Cheap Japanese Snacks”

  1. kandn420

    I always see Caplico when I go to the oriental market. Now I know what they are lol. I will try them next time I go!

  2. Noha El Hosseiny

    Thanks a lot for the nice videos. It would be very helpful if you would kindly provide info on which snacks/meals are vegetarian or vegan friendly….

  3. Not Miles Prower

    I got a couple of these in a snack box from Amazon a while back! I was disappointed when I couldn't find a larger package of chicken Baby Star Ramen. These are the most incredible crunchy addition to salads and basically anything else you can think of.

  4. Rainy I

    The crunching was so satisfying, at one point it almost sounded like the eating noise from Minecraft

    The mini potato crisps were so cute!!

  5. Plejade

    What I learn from ordering such snacks online in Japan over the past years: If there is something with the flavour of "corn potage", it‘s a no-brainer (means you don’t have to think about) just buy it. Really. Do it. You don’t have to think about. I never got dissapointed from corn potage treats😁 And next level is Corn Potage with Hokkaido Butter. Order two, trust me (who ever will reads this)🤣


    日本の食や文化をYOUTUBEで発信しているジュンジローと申します。いつも楽しく動画拝見させていただいてます。撮影や編集の仕方とても勉強になります!次回の動画も楽しみにしてます!My name is Junjiro, and I'm a YOUTUBE fan of Japanese food and culture. I always enjoy watching your videos. I learn so much from the way you shoot and edit! I'm looking forward to your next video!

  7. WalkWithMe #FilCanMom

    I ❤️ japan… like the food, the skin care, the 7/11 store and many more to mention…for sure we will be back soon!!!!❤️👍😍😘

  8. Paula Mieko

    Loved everything! Thanks for the video, Shinichi-san!
    I hope you and Satoshi are ok. Please take care. Love u both very much ❤️

  9. Mariko Uchiwa

    These videos are totally ASMR 😍 we couldn't even hope to have snack as cheap here… 🙁 Mini chips bags are 1,67$ (CAN$) when they are on sale 😅

    Still thinking a lot about you and Satoshi hope you guys are doing well , take care ♡

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