Japan Travel & Entry Ban Updates – Government decision about restarting travel, vaccination.

In today’s video I share updates on the Japan Travel and Entry Ban, vaccinations, the latest White Paper on Tourism that was approved by the government on the 15th of June 2021 and some other useful news for international students waiting to enter Japan.

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We have collected over 800 stories, and we translated them into Japanese. We have already handed to the Japanese government the first 500 stories we received and now we are working on a new website that will help to spread awareness about the situation of international students.

You can share your story here!


💡 My article on the current situation of International Students. 💡

If you would like us to share the details of initiatives you are working on to raise awareness, please contact me at stories@gogoworld.com

Let me know in the comments if you are aware of any significant initiative and campaign that you think I should share in the next video. Please let me know if you have any suggestions about the content to post.

I wanted to help and raise this issue, I can not do this alone so I met with some of the language school associations to discuss what we can do to lobby the government on behalf of all international students.

The response from the school representatives was that the government highly weighs the impact to those students who are most directly affected and so we created a form to help capture that information to be able to share with the government more easily. Some responses captured so far are in this article.

I know many people reading this have already been pushing for answers from the government but we would like to ask that as many of you as possible share your story and pass this on to friends too, in order to be able to supply the school representatives with as much helpful material as we can.

We ask if you are willing to share your story that you please fill the form here as soon as you can, so we can use the information to push for students to be able to enter Japan for the April term as soon as possible.

The form can be filled in your native language, English or Japanese. If you are an international student waiting to go to Japan, even if you didn’t use my company to apply for a school, you can enter here:

If you are not an international student, but you know someone who is please let them know about this initiative. If you want to support other international students, please share and like this article since the more people and awareness we get, the more powerful messages we can deliver to the Japanese government.

I hope I will see all of you in Japan soon.

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26 Replies to “Japan Travel & Entry Ban Updates – Government decision about restarting travel, vaccination.”

  1. Davide Rossi

    Please let me know in the comment if you have any questions or you have any news or initiative to share! As always thank you very much for watching, liking, and sharing!!

  2. Christian Ausejo

    Thank you Davide!
    I have a question.
    Do you think that Japan possibly only allows the entry of students from certain countries like members of the G7 and not from the rest of the countries? I’m waiting my COE
    I am scheduled to receive my COE on August 20

  3. Greta Parravicini

    Con "gruppi selezionati di turisti" significa che i turisti in generale non posso andare prima di marzo 2022?

  4. Subhajit Bhunia

    Hello Davide. This is Subhajit from India and thank you for your continuous support in this crisis. Can you give any clue for the probability of extension for COE holder which will eventually expire on 31st July. My COE belongs to the researcher category. Thanks again.

  5. Manuel Pérez Cabello

    why everyone say we'll get news soon? I need to receive good or bad news because my head is going to explode xD

  6. Iku Tree

    Thank you Davide! We're desperate for a deadline since a lot of us are at their limit. It would be devastating to have to give up and then one month later the borders suddenly re-open. Desperate for communication!

  7. Alex Mich

    At this point I think the best way to pressure the Japanese government is to prevent Japanese nationals into our countries. Maybe then will the Japanese government understand the impact this has on us who have been waiting for so long.

  8. イチゴ

    Seriously, i cannot believe they advertise when tourists might arrive, but they don't report when students committed to studying and living long-term in japan might enter.
    I want to believe that soon they will give us good news and they will tell us that we will be able to issue our visas to enter.
    I can't believe they are so disrespectful to people so seriously committed to them. We do not go for a walk and fool around, we are people who know Japanese culture and who are willing to take care of it and preserve it. We are not going to complicate things, or to wander wildly to infect everyone. We just want to go study and be able to observe and learn more and more about the culture that has amazed us so much.
    From our point of view, in order to go to Japan, one has to accept procedures and schedules that take a long time, with all the anxiety in the world. Things that are solved quickly in other countries, we have to wait much longer as far as Japan is concerned.
    It is a total lack of respect, that they do not take into account the time we have lost when we decide to have faith and wait for them.
    Thet do not take into account our patience in knowing that perhaps they are always thinking about things strongly before acting so as not to make mistakes, and somehow we respect that.
    The way that how we are forced to postpone our wishes infinitely without a proposed tentative date.
    How we must live with our anxiety and concern at the uncertainty of not being able to plan our own lives that now depends on their decisions.
    The total lack of communication with the students who have committed to go and live in Japan, hoping that tomorrow we can give back what was given to us, and be able to be part and contribute to Japanese society.

  9. Vitality - Fitness & Science

    Thanks for the information Davide.
    I would be interested in your opinion: Do you think they will differentate between people coming with a student visa and people coming with a cultural activities visa? I am a student but I will receive a cultural activities visa (I already have the COE) as I am going to do an internship in a laboratory, but I wont study there.
    Hope that wont be the case and entry will be possible before September!

  10. Fahmida Deeba

    Thank you for YOUR update video. In your video you talked about student entry issue. How abut worker status people? Specifically postdoc/ researcher and dependent visa People. Do you have any information regarding these people??? Thank you.

  11. Camila Castro

    Suga has been messing up big time. I hope he will leave office after the election. So just MEXT students excluding those from the countries where the Indian variant is a huge issue, then JET Programme on fixed dates after the Olympics and now little tour groups from March. This is discriminatory, unfair and unacceptable!

  12. sad vibes

    Alright Let me tell you the inside story . Student visa is going to open After Olympic,,,,,, Cause govt doesn't want such a huge crowd in between the Olympic due to denger of covid 19,,, they going to do the same thing probably September 25 or end of September border entry ,ll be allowed.

  13. Putu Udyani

    definitely, it will. be so disgusting if they treat intl. and workers also spouse of the japanese residents as last priority. However if that so i will apply for tourism visa hhhh. thanks for sharing david

  14. Black Clover

    As a student who dreams to study in Japan soon, this is so disappointing to know that the Japanese Government prioritizes tourism over education. Even though I failed my application in MEXT, this is still unfair.

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